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Product Code:NL-TS20


Preventative Maintenance Tire Sealant.

Protects and prevents against flat tires and blowouts.

Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and contains no petroleum products.

Contains rust inhibitors to protect against corrosion & oxidation.

Will not freeze in cold climates!

Contains fibers and particles that will plug small punctures.

Will not interfere with conventional tire plug & patch repairs.

Five Star Tire Sealant™ is an economical flat tire prevention gel that is most easily installed to mounted tires. The gel coats the tire tread on the inside and doesn’t dry up. The product stays active and will create a seal for small punctures in tires, allowing enough time to acquire a conventional plug or patch (or reach a service shop for proper maintenance). Five Star Tire Sealant™ is not intended to be a permanent fix or seal. Five Star Tire Sealant™ is a special formulation that protects rims and tires from rust and oxidation. Prevents leakage in tubeless tires. Product will not freeze and can be used in frigid climates. Designed for use in tubed and tubeless tires.

See calculation chart for dosages relative to tire size. Remove valve core from tire and attach proper pump hose apparatus to valve stem. Inject proper amount of  Five Star Tire Sealant™. Remove hose apparatus from valve stem. Replace the valve core. Check tire for proper air pressure and inflate accordingly.

Note: product is most easily installed in tires that are not fully inflated.
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